All Handmade By Me Team


Thank you Maisie for your kind words about the All Handmade By ME Team! This is a great feature!

Originally posted on MaatSilkBlog:

The All Handmade By Me Team!

It all began normally enough. One bright and sunny October morning, all over the world Esty sellers logged in to their accounts, ready to check their shops and work on their businesses. Then things took a turn: Etsy made an announcement.  A change to their policies.  It was plain and simple. Etsy was now allowing sellers to work with outside manufactures, technically allowing factory made or massed-produced goods in to what had started as a Handmade platform. While undoubtedly great news for some sellers, allowing their shops to expand, many handmade sellers stared at the screen in dismay.  Many felt upset and the fear of becoming lost in a sea of new goods seemed very real. Massed produced products would make searching for something truly unique and one-of-a-kind more difficult.  Customers might have a hard time finding truly handmade shops.  They might NOT have…

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