Who is the artist behind SMARTdesigns?

My name is Stacey Sobelman and I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

I have always been known as “the creative one” in the family and have been drawing and doodling since I could hold a crayon. I wrote and illustrated my very first book when I was six years old and never stopped. I have gotten a little better since then though (now when I draw people I even give them noses).

High School is when I was first introduced to graphic design. I was on my school’s newspaper staff for four years and really fell in love with the Adobe programs. Several of my infographics and page layouts won awards at high school newspaper conventions.

Early in 2013, I was talking to my best friend and she mentioned something about needing fliers for the bar she worked at. She knew that I loved “fooling around on my computer” and asked me to make them for her. It wasn’t until later when she asked me for a link to my nonexistent Facebook Business Page so that she could thank and credit me on the bar’s page, that I ever considered a career in graphic design.

I decided to take the plunge and on February 6, 2013, SMARTdesigns was born on Facebook. It started as a business to offer people artistic company logos and advertisements. My theory was to focus on the ART in SMART and help businesses differentiate themselves from mass produced, unoriginal designs. I made a lot of templates for potential customers and a lot of imaginary ones and was beginning to get discouraged.

Then, this same friend, got engaged and asked me to do all the designs for her Superhero Themed Wedding. I think that is what really planted the idea of a career in graphic design in my head. I just loved the creativity of it and the challenge of making artwork that was quirky and fun while also being classy and romantic.

"A Life for All Seasons"

“A Life for All Seasons”

At this point, I still never considered myself an “artist.” In fact, it wasn’t until I decided on a whim to make my piece “A Life for All Seasons” that I ever considered what I created “art.” I made this piece and then all my friends and family started calling it art and calling me an artist. I was shocked! I had never once considered myself an artist. I was creative and always had been, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine offered to pay me for “A Life for All Seasons” that I thought about pursuing a career in art. This is what lead me to open my Etsy shop.

I just recently graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia (or Mizzou!!) with University Honors. I majored in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and also earned a Psychology Minor and a Multicultural Certificate. After graduation, I realized that I needed to put serious thought into a career. I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up! I knew that I love to write and to make digital art, but that was about it.

I graduated with honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia in May 2013

I graduated with honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia in May 2013

I am on Etsy to pursue both dreams–the writer and the artist. It is my ultimate goal to be able to support myself on these two passions without ever having to suffer what I imagine to be the horrible torture of the cubicle life.

If you have any questions about my shop or about custom jobs, please message me! I absolutely love doing custom orders and would love to work with you on something special!

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